G-800 Waterborne curing agent

        G-800 is based on six Asia methyl II different cyanate ester (HDI) of hydrophilic fat family poly different cyanate ester, due to has moderate of hydrophilic and official can degrees Zhijian of balance, using G-800 preparation and into of water double component polyurethane, and acrylic paint has fast dry, and full degrees good, and hardening fast of features, formed of film is has eventually hardness high and very better of resistance chemicals sex features.

User Guide:

      In General, the product can be used with esters, ethers, esters and 100th solvent naphtha, xylene, solvent can not use alcohol or glycol ethers containing hydroxyl or amine base. And, for each solvent should test the solubility and compatibility. Only use polyurethane solvent. Water content of not more than 0.05%. Is no longer recommended adding a solvent used in waterborne two-component paint system.


Product features:       

Compatibility: in the case of manual slow mixing can be added directly, without any adverse effects.

Long period of activation: activation of polymer content and other components (such as resins, thickening agents, plasticizers and other) influences. In many of the dispersion, activation issues (usually for a few hours) end of the gel is not displayed.

Excellent hardness, toughness and fullness.

Excellent resistance to water and chemical properties

Strong adhesion

Packaging specifications:

      Available in 25Kg and 60Kg specifications (PE).

Storage requirements:

      This product is sensitive to humidity, must be stored in a sealed container, once opened, out of as quickly as possible. Storage environment temperature should be 15 ℃-35 ℃, can not store in a direct sunlight conditions, this product can be used within six months. Six months later, the inspection can still be used.

Typical physical specifications:

Main ingredients

Hydrophilic aliphatic poly isocyanate


Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Solid content




NCO content


Free monomer content

<0.3%(By weight)



Application recommended:

Can be used as a Crosslinking agent for waterborne hydroxy resin and polyol as well as most of the

Neutral aqueous polymer dispersions (such as polyurethane, polyvinyl acetate

Resins, acrylic and synthetic rubber dispersions) cross-linking agent.

Security statement:       

This product contains trace amounts of irritants, such as adhesion in hand with water clear

Laundry. If splashed into the eyes, we recommend that after you rinse with plenty of water and is

To the hospital for a detailed examination, in order to ensure safety.


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