About Us

  “We are not only produces waterborne resins, we work togetherwith customers, popularize waterborne resins used, share the green China dream! "

     Force company committed to the development of industrial water resin and curing agent business, reduce the use of traditionalorganic solvents, resins, reduce environmental pollution, our expectations for customers and consumers to create a health, comfort, passion of the home and work environment.

We understanding customer, and environment and social future needs, we to meet customer for target; company established yilai, insisted to quality stable for based, with we has of latest nuclear shell modified sex technology and organic silicon make joint technology, to industry supply performance excellence of water acrylic emulsion and water polyurethane emulsion; after years of efforts, we development out based on six Asia methyl II different cyanate ester (HDI) of water curing agent, has best dispersion, and compatible sex and 4-6 hours activation period of quality index, Beyond the most similar products at home and abroad.

Our business scope covers leather, paints, textiles, inks and paper industry, for the industry to provide the best water environmental protection services and professional solutions.