Aqueous textile resin

Product number type Solid content Recommended use Product features TDS download MSDS download
AP122 Aliphatic polyurethane 29-31% Printing High elongation (more than 1000%), tensile strength, low temperature resistance, high gloss, excellent viscous resistance. 点击 点击
AP123 Aliphatic polyurethane 49-51% Printing High elongation (more than 1000%), high solid, yellowing good washing fastness, ultra-low temperature resistance. 点击 点击
AP125 Aromatic polyurethane 49-51% Printing High performance, high elongation and resistance to wet and dry cleaning are very good, low temperature resistance, good, excellent water fastness. 点击 点击
AP113 Polyurethane 33-35% Wax Soft, high gloss, the extension rate high, folding is not white, not sticky, excellent resistance properties, the film is clear. 点击 点击
AP113 Aromatic polyurethane 34-36% Screen printing and finishing Good compatibility with water based solvent, good adhesion and good flow. 点击 点击
AP137 Aromatic polyurethane 34-36% Water screen printing and finishing Water based and solvent-soluble good, strong adhesion, good levelling. 点击 点击
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