Surface coating resin

Product number type Solid content Recommended use Product features TDS download MSDS download
AP111 Polyurethane 33-35% Wax Medium hard, excellent wear resistance, high gloss, good adhesion, high fullness and tough film clarity. 点击 点击
AP112 Polyurethane 30-33% Wax Medium hard, excellent wear resistance, high gloss, clear paint film, low temperature resistance, good, not sticky. 点击 点击
AP113 Polyurethane 33-35% Wax Soft, high gloss, the extension rate high, folding is not white, not sticky, excellent resistance properties, the film is clear. 点击 点击
AP104 Polyurethane 33-35% Micro fibre leather table In a soft, matte, show strong colors, feel good, back to resistance is excellent. 点击 点击
AC252 Acrylic 41-43% Wax Self-Crosslinking, good clarity, high gloss and hardness and polished well. 点击 点击
AC253 Acrylic 49-51% Wax Clear, an outstanding Polish resistance and anti-adhesion properties, compatibility, paired with soft polyurethane can provide ultra high gloss paint effect. 点击 点击
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