bottom of resin coated

Product number type Solid content Recommended use Product features TDS download MSDS download
AP101 Polyurethane 29-31 Wax Film weak, soft resin, high performance, excellent low temperature resistance. 点击 点击
AP102 Polyurethane 33-35% Wax Hard, clear, polished, good. 点击 点击
AP103 Polyurethane 29-31% Wax Hard, clear, high quality, film is weak, the polishing is good, excellent resistance to low temperature. 点击 点击
AC239 Acrylic 39-41% 蜡乳 Waterproof white, high quality, light yellow, not white folding, tight, low temperature resistance, good. 点击 点击
AC223 Acrylic 44-46% Wax emulsion Clear, shows good color, leveling is very excellent, excellent Polish and wax emulsion compatibility. 点击 点击
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